I have suddenly started snoring loudly. Could this be a cause of anything and how do I stop it?

Snoring is effecting my relationship. Happened all of a sudden. Im an 18 year old female, symtoms of headaches, very very hormonal, lack of concentration and tiredness

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Gaining weight and alcohol consumption can cause increase in snoring.  You might want to see a specialist and find out the cause.

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It is important to find the cause of your snoring.

Lack of sleep can have serious effects.  You should discuss this with your doctor, find the cause, and treat it.  Sleep is very important to your overall health.  Good luck. 

Stephen G. Alfano, DDS
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Snoring MAY indicate sleep apnea

One can snore and NOT have apnea, and one can have apnea and not snore.  See your physician for evaluation and diagnosis, you may feel FANTASTIC with the proper treatment.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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