Treatment Options for Acne Scarring and Uneven Skin Tone? (photo)

want to know my options for my acne scarring on side of face and chin area. i have one larger indented scar in particular on my chin that has been filled with juvaderm. results on that were good but of course only temporary. would like help with the uneven skin tone also. i have attached photos also. if you could recommend some in south east wi or chicago area that would great.

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Acne scarring on face.

One of the better treatments for acne scars is to breakup the scar tissue.  This can be done with something as gentle as a Dermapen, or as aggressive as ProFractional Laser.  The Dermapen uses tiny needles to lightly punch holes in the scar tissue, with the goal of having your collagen pick the scar up.  This treatment may take many treatments depending on the severity of the scars.  The ProFractional Laser does the same, only deeper using light energy.  The down time for the laser is about one to two weeks, and the results are seen in about a month as your body heals and mends the tissue ablated. 

I have used fillers in scars for immediate cosmetic results, and as you said, are not permanent.  Good luck.

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