Hard spots and pimples at 35. (photos)

I am 35 suffered with spots only the odd time before my period. The last 4 months Im developing hard lump spots pimples.I am fit I eat a good diet exercise 4 x week. I drink on a weekend.I have always had lovely skin. I have recently started using pure hylauronic acid before my moisturiser and microdermabrasion at least 1 a week. My face wash is neo strata 20 bionic / aha. Can u wash your face too much am I using the aluminium oxide crystals too much. Help they r leaving my skin with Scars.

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Treating acne

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I think you should see an acne specialist, a dermatologist. There are several prescription medications which can be prescribed to help the problem including Retin A, spironolactone, accutane, clindamycin, etc. Chemical peels can sometimes be helpful as well as lasers.

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