Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser?

Which Laser is Best for Facial and Neck Wrinkles? What Do You Think of Smartskin Laser?

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Laser Treatments for Face and Neck Wrinkles

There is no one "best" laser for treating wrinkles.  There are many different lasers available which can improve facial and neck wrinkles depending on a patient's skin type, type and location of wrinkles, desired outcome, and downtime concerns.  I recommend you consult with a board-certified, experienced dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon for a consultation and discussion of your concerns and what treatments might be optimal for your needs.  Whatever you decide, just make sure a physician is the one treating you as there are permanent side effects to laser treatments if done by unqualified, poorly-trained and/or inexperienced people.

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Laser for wrinkles

You will need a laser that targets the "water chromophore." The 2 common lasers for this are CO2 and Erbium. The laser community is split on which is better. The CO2 does a great job at skin tightening but causes surrounding thermal damage and a long healing process. The Erbium does not penetrate as deeply as CO2 so unless multiple passes are used will not get the same result but does not cause as much thermal damage and has a shorter recovery.

I like the Erbium in my offices because I can regulate how deep I go depending on what the patient wants. My patients are excedingly happy with the results.

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