I Have a Large Amount of Axillary Breast Tissue Under Both my Armpits and Want Them Surgically Removed Before Pregnancy.

I am 32 years old& hoping to start a family soon.I have been told by a surgeon in Michigan that if the breast tissue is correctly removed that it will Not grow back during pregnancy.I live in Windsor, Ontario and have not been able to find a surgeon familiar with my problem. I will have to pay a substantial amount to get the surgery done in the U.S. but it would be worth it if I can be guaranteed that it will not grow back during pregnancy. Would love more opinions on this.

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Axillary Breast Tissue

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You are right in your understanding that axillary breast tissue will not grow back after it has been removed.  Many times axillary tissue is more fat than breast tissue.  You would need to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon to determine what the right procedure for this problem is.  There are many very well qualified surgeons in Ontario who can help you.  Check the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons website. 

Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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Axillary breast tissue

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Axillary breast tissue will have a tendency to enlarge with pregnancy. While it can be treated with excision which is usually fairly straightforward, I do not think that nayone could guarantee to you that it will be taken out 100%. It may grow a bit with pregnancy even after excision if their is still remnants left.  However, it would not grow to the size that it could if the tissue was not removed.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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