Am I a candidate for laser treatment?

I've had radical hyst with removal of my ovaries, cystocele, Rectocele, Enterocele repair and tvt sling and uterosacral colposuspension and still having urinary incontinence. Would monalisa or one of the lasers be beneficial for me?

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It will help manage the vaginal atrophy that occurs due to the lack of Estrogen.

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I am sorry to hear that you needed so many procedures and pelvic reconstruction. It is best to wait 3 months after any procedure before moving onto another one. The cause of the incontinence could be related to the sling being too tight or too loose. There is also the possibility of overactive bladder developing. Other surgical  issues may be the concern. I recommend you return to your surgeon and have the necessary evaluation to figure out what may be responsible. However, if the work up is normal AND you have vaginal dryness with painful intimacy due to the lack of Estrogen the MonaLisa Touch is a great option. It will restore the vaginal skin and tissue to premenopausal state without the need for more messy Estrogen creams. It has the added benefit of helping collegn formation and improved continence. I hope this helps.

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