What kind of lift that can remove crows feet?

Is there any kind of surgical lift that can pull the eyes (lateral canthus) and brow tails towards the temple and at the same time remove the crowfoot that is being formed when smiling? If so, how large the incision might be and whether it can be placed inside the hairline (for a male person).

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Lift to remove crow's feet

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There is a procedure which can help lift the outer (temporal) portion of the eyebrows and it is called a temporal lift.  This procedure can be done alone or in conjunction with a full brow lift.  The incision for a temporal lift normally would be placed in the hair.  In some cases, when the temporal portion of a male brow is lifted, it can result in an unnatural appearance.  If there are crow's feet lines present without smiling, these lines could be improved with a temporal brow lift.  If the lines are only present with smiling, then these lines will not be altered with a brow lift, because the muscle movement will still cause the lines with smiling.  Botox is the best treatment for helping crow's feet that occur with smiling.    

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