What Kind of Doctor Should I Go See for Pitted Scars?

Please answer doctors. Since the beginning of this year, Ive been getting pitted scars out of seemingly nowhere. Theyre not huge or too deep, but theres so many of them that it bothers me. Not to mention the fact theyre coming out of nowhere bothers me even more. Theyre mainly on the back of my legs and on my face. I have had NO trauma beforehand whatsover in these places, so I really dont know whats happening. The rheumatologist said I had antinuclear antibodies in my blood, no lupus &thats it.

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I would see a dermatologist for pitted scars

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This does not sound like a surgical problem, but rather a dermatology diagnostic question. First the diagnosis must be made.

Depending on the cause - a C02 fractional laser may be among the options.

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