What kind of Chemical peeling works with severe body acne marks (brown spots) ? (photo)

I have severe acne marks (color more than deep scars) on my upper arms & chest. I just had a salicylic acid 30 % peeling today, but my doctor says it might not give noticeable results. I'm very short on time before my wedding in 3 months, and want to know what is the fastest way to get rid of it. what kind of peeling/concentration/frequency. knowing that i still have active acne but not more than 3-4 breakouts a month.

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Chemical peels

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Chemical peels can be very helpful in treating discoloration after acne. Unfortunately it is not a quick fix. Doing salicylic and glycolic peels in conjunction can improve and speed up results better than doing the two different peels separately. Also using cleansers at home with glycolic and salicylic acid can help.

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Brown Spots on the body

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It may take a combination of treatments to get rid of the brown spots on your body.  Salicylic acids, hydroquinones and other mild exfoliators may be necessary.  In addition chemical peels with trichloroacetic acid can help remove these marks more quickly.  Any deeper scars may need lasers such as eMatrix.  Ematrix laser is a "color-blind" laser that can help remove deeper scars, especially on the back and face.  As with all cosmetic procedures please find a board certified dermatologist in your area that has a great deal of experience with lasers and acne for the best results.

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