What Kind of Acne Scar is This on my Nose? And Can These Pores Be Improved? (photo)

I've battled oily skin and large pores for many years, resulting in a rough texture on my nose. Recently, I've noticed this slightly raised area where I circled. What kind of scar is that and can it be corrected(in that photo it looks like the surrounding area is also scarred but it isn't raised)? Also, can anything be done for these awful pores in the t-zone? I've used retinoids(tazorac, retin-a, etc.) and 2% salicylic acid for years with no improvement. Would any lasers help me? Thanks a lot

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Acne scar on the nose

  This looks like a cystic acne scar, although it is admittedly difficult to tell from the single photo you provided.  I would recommend deep facial resurfacing for the best results of you skin condition.  My treatment of choice is a modified croton oil - phenol peel.   I think you would be most pleased with the result.

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