How do I get rid of this hypertrophic scar and how much would it cost me to fade it? (photos)

Help me please I'm desperate. I had this scar for the past 7 months. I went to see a dermatologist and he prescribed me silicon gel and said that my scar will fade after two months but it didn't. I don't scar , and don't get that much acne either but I got this due to stress from university. Anyway since then I cry everyday, I'm really desperate to get rid of this scar.

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​Dark hypertrophic scarring and how to improve it in someone with light skin and dark hair .

Dark hypertrophic scarring and how to improve it in someone with light skin and dark hair . You have some hyperpigmentation along with some hypertrophic scarring. Any scar treatment is going to take on some risk. Some of your scars need to be removed with some mode of treatment but the eventual healing could be variable sometimes it can get worse. So you want to go to someone that has experience with this. There are ways to use lasers to destroy those lesions to have your skin come back. But you're going to have to find what works best with your skin. I would go to someone that feels confident that they can get some improvement but you may have some trials to go through because everybody heals differently. There are some people that can heal with a lot less scar and some people can get major large beard distribution type of scars with just shaving. Sometimes, time is the best treatment but given that you waited and its not changing means that it is likely more permanent pigmentation type of scarring.

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PIH with scarring

I suggest that you start on topical Retin A and hydroquinone. This should take care of the problem in most cases. You must wait at least 3 months. If further therapy is needed, Excel V laser, laser resurfacing, Infini or chemical peels might be helpful.

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