Can Keloids Be Cured with Topical Steroid Ointment or Cream?

if keloids ( About 2x2c) can cure by topical steriod, what kind of steriod can be used?And how to apply? Any complications of long term used? how long will be the time of treatment?

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Using cortisone injections and topical creams for raised scars and hypertrophic keloid scars

Raised scars should be approached with a disciplined program that is proven to work. I do not employ cortisone cream in the treatment of keloid scars and hypertrophic scars, as it is not effective compared to intralesional injections. 

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Topical Steroids Typically Insufficient For Keloid Removal

I totally agree that topical steroids in general are like using a flyswatter to kill an elephant (ok sorry for the mixed metaphor).  i typically have planned surgery and radiation to follow in less than 24 hours after the excision.  you must time it to have it work.  watch the attached video to understand this better.



Sam Lam, MD, FACS
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Keloid treatment

I often recommend multi-modal approach to Keloid treatment.  This can include surgical excision, steroid injection, compression, laser treatment, radiation treatment.  There are definite expenses associated with multimodal treatment, but Keloids have a high recurrence rate so the more modalities you use, the less likely it will come back.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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Keloid treatments

Keloids can be treated a number of ways but not effectively with topical steroids.  Some of the tried and true treatment options (although as you likely know by now, numerous treatments are always needed and clearance is not always achieved--they are challenging lesions!) include: v-beam laser (helps reduce the thickness and redness considerably) or other pulsed dye lasers, steroid injections, radiation, excision followed by treatments listed, or my favorite treatment includes a combination of v-beam pulsed dye laser treatments combined with injections of a mixture of steroid and 5-fluorouracil.  Do see someone with a great deal of experience in treating these lesions.

Laurie Jacobson, MD
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Treatment of keloids

Smaller keloids can be flattened with a more concentrated kenalog (steroid) injection. Some doctors will add 5-fluorouracil to the mix. In my experience it is better to debulk or complete cut out larger keloids (like your 2x2cm one) and then use modalities to stop the keloid from coming back. These modalities are application of pressure with more kenalog injections as needed or radiation treatments to scar line. Topical steroid mostly that which is impregnated into a tape that is applied to the skin can soften a hypertrophic scar or prevent a keloid from coming back. In my experience the topical steroid alone will not clear a keloid that has already formed.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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