Isolagen for White and Slightly Indented Acne Scars on Forehead?

I have had eight Fraxel Laser treatments and still notice bumpy, white acne scars in the center of my forehead. What can I do next, in order to improve this? Can Isolagen help? Thank you.

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Isolagen for acne scars

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In isolagen, a specimen is taken from behind the ear and sent off to the Isolagen laboratory. The fibroblasts are extracted from the specimen and then sent back to your injecting physician who then injects them back into you.

The first study Isolagen ran in order to get FDA approval was an acne scar study. The FDA felt that the parameters were too difficult. A second FDA study used wrinkles instead (naso-labial folds).

The results of the first study on acne scars was published with very good results. Thus, Isolagen would be a very good modality to use for acne scars.

The problem? The company is in bankruptcy. Also, the FDA still has not aproved this interesting technology. If the company comes out of bankruptcy intact, and its process does get FDA approval, this should be a very good (though expensive) choice for you.

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