Need advice on what to do since my weight loss (Photo)

My story is I was 21 stone 10lbs a few ago months with a waist of 40 inches ! I'm now 17stone 7lbs ongoing with a waist of 36 inches and a target of 14 stone as my goal weigh I'm 5ft 11 wit a big frame ! I'm very insecure of my body ! Went to see my GP and he said he will refer to a PS but said that I must reach non obese weight ! I have been clean eating and exercising and weigh training and have made some improvements as I was worse before I started ! What kind of surgery would I need ??

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Weight lost

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I congratulate you for such weight loss achievement!!! Do reach your goal weight and keep it there as long as you can. All that weight loss has, unfortunately, left you with a lot of sagging skin. If you want to fix all this, you'll need multiple procedures performed including tummy tuck, buttock lift, back lift, breast lift, thigh lift and maybe more. Best to first get to your goal weight and wait a year or two and see how much skin retracts. Good luck.

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