IPL Before or After Erbium Laser Treatment for Wrinkles?

Should I do IPL for facial redness before or after erbium laser treatment for fine wrinkles on my face?

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IPL's should be done about 2-4 weeks after erbium laser face wrinkle treatments.

When you get the superficial wrinkles burned off with the erbium laser , then the broken capillaries under the skin surface become more apparent so that is the time to get the IPL to get rid of the broken capillaries.

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IPL before erbium laser treatment for wrinkles

IPL works in several ways.  It can be used to treat red or brown discoloration of the face.  It can also be used for  for skin tightening.  All these cause some heating of collagen in the dermis and both contraction of existing collagen and deposition of new dermal collagen.  So all IPL treatments improve skin texture. 

However IPL does not disturb the surface of the skin, whereas erbium laser treatments (ablative or fractional) do vaporize a portion of the epidermis.

So the nonablative (not affecting the epidermis) treatment should be done first, then followed by ablative or fractionally ablative (partially or fully vaporizing the epidermis) treatment.

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IPL before or After Erbium Yag

I would recommend that after treating a wrinkle with an erbium yag laser you may consider IPl for any redness afeterwards.  In general, the IPL is not very good for wrinkles and so would be used to treat reds or browns.  That being said using a skin tightening device that is nonablative may help some but should not be considered equal to or a replacement for erbium yag laser resurfacing procedures for wrinkles. This is the gold standard .

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