Is 20-year-old Hematoma Infected?

Horse riding accident years ago...very large hematoma on left buttock. There has been a lump on that area ever since. This injury happened about 20 yrs ago. About a yr. ago it shrank & shifted. a few weeks ago it felt like pins & needles. Last week it swelled considerably and became red & hot. Has anyone else had this experience? Any ideas what may be going on? Doc is sending me to general surgeon.

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Mature hematoma

long standing hematomas might become calcified. Calcium becomes integrated in the mass of organized clot from the hematoma. If the cacinosis cutis became fragmented it might shift in position and this might have created inflammation which is realized by warmth and tenderness. Foreign bodies can become a nidus or core seed around which bacteria can precipitate after traveling through the body from other sources. If bacteria surrounded the calcium deposits over years as a biofilm, the biofilm can be disturbed by trauma and then create an infection locally. Other causes may be responsible for your condition.

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