I need braces and double jaw surgery for TMJ. Can I just get implants instead with surgery?

I spent 8 years in my teens going to the orthodontist just to get my top teeth straight. They couldn't do the bottom teeth because one of my adult teeth had yet to come in. I was born missing 2 teeth on the bottom, had one pulled on the top with wisdom teeth for other reasons and have 5 fillings. It will be several years for this process and I was thinking it would be quicker and easier to just get implants?

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Surgery vs implant

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remember implant is for tooth replacement and surgery is for  excess/defecate bone growth modification.  its difficult to say anything without seeing yr case so its my advice to upload yr records like intra and extra oral photos, models photos, CBCT etc. so we can guide u better.

Jaw surgery, implants

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SInce this is the a major decision, X-rays, CT scan and models are necessary in order to determine options.  I would defineitly recommend consulting multiple surgeons to explore options.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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Need Double Jaw Surgery and braces

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I would strongly suggest you not go that route.

Look into Epigenetic Orthopedics/orthodontics.  While I regularly do this in the Chicago area I would visiting Martha Cortes DDS in New York.  She teaches these procedures and has dome more of them than anyone in the world.

She has a lot of experience in treating TMJ and chronic pain.  Surgery is rarely the best method to approach TMJ disorders but sometime is necessary.  The quote "there is no disease of disorder that cannot be made worse by sticking a knife in it " definitely applies to TMJ surgery.

I had the pleasure of teaching  Dr Cortes dental sleep medicine many years ago.  She was an astounding student.  I later became her student and learned Epigenetic Orthopedics and the DNA Appliance therapy from her and Dr David Singh.  I only learned it because of her insistence.  In my mind I had convinced myself that this magnitude of orthopedic growth was impossible in adults (routine in kids).


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