In Reference to Caramel Skin Tones, What Do You Suggest for my Hereditary Dark Circles/allergic Shiners? (photo)

I've read all the questions for Caucasian, but want to know what would you suggest for hereditary dark circles/allergic shiners on brown skin? I've had them all of my life. I've been taking Zyrtec and using the netti pot for about 3 weeks with no improvement. In terms of filler, what would you use? I notice that I can sometimes see the veins under my eyes, I'm guessing that would indicate that I have thin skin.

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Allergic shiners are a unscientific fiction. Of course Zyrtec will not help!

The eyelid skin in this region is thin.  Just below the skin is the red orbicularis oculi muscle.  This causes the skin to be darker than the adjacent cheek skin that is sitting on yellow fat that acts like a reflector.  The allergic shiner story was made up as a "wive's tale," and repeated by pediatricians in the sixties as a pseudo-scientific was of explaining dark circles to nervous parents.  There is a recent study in the literature flogging this idea but it is hard for doctor's to think outside the box.  This problem is optical.  Fillers have proven to be a very good way to help this issue.  The key is finding an injector who both knows their anatomy and has an artistic touch.  I think Restylane continues to be the best filler for this area.

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