Impossible to Find Benzoyl Peroxide Face Washes?

Does anyone know of any shortages with benzoyl peroxide? I used to get a BP face wash as an Rx from my Doctor. However, one day the pharmacy told me it was now all OTC. I started using Panoxyl 10% BP bar. Now, I can't find it anywhere over the counter. I tried finding 10% (or even 5%) BP from UniversityMedical (acnefree line) and can't find that on shelves either. Now, even online I am finding it seemingly impossible to find 10%BP face washes. It's the only thing that helps my acne. Any ideas?

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There a great company called Topix that produce both a 5% and 10% BPO wash. You should be able to find it on or T

There a great company called Topix that produce  both a 5% and 10% BPO wash. You should be able to find it on or  Great price point and I have prescribed for years to my patients and myself because of decreased irritation. Also available to you  by prescription is a new formula  Benzaform 3.5% short contact form. This product only needs to left on for 2 minutes. The advantage of the product is its rapid absorption into skin and then it can be washed off to prevent bleaching of our "favorite" linen or shirt by the benzyol peroxide.

Dont despair there are options out there!!!



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