Is Fraxel Restore CO2 or a Different Technology? What Laser is Stronger Than CO2?

A few years ago I had an esthetician at a plastic surgeons office take advantage of my lack of knowledge. She promised results with the Fraxel restore and $2000.00 later I got nothing. What she should have really did was refer me to a dermatologists who could have assessed and treated me properly. Is Co2 different from restore and how so? I’m almost positive it’s not CO2 technology but just not sure how different. Also is $500.00 a treatment for Pixel the average? It sounds very reasonable.

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Fraxel Repair

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Fraxel Repair is fractionated CO2 laser as compared to Fraxel Restore which is fractionated erbium laser.  Other systems use fractionated energies as well, such as Sciton Profractional FX and FXC.  They both are ablative, in that they are removing and destroying a certain percentage area of the skin being treated.  A CO2 introduces more heat destruction, so therefor is better for tightening of the skin, but the heat of CO2 does increase risk of pigment changes.   The erbium laser has virtually no heat generated in destruction so is better when pigmentation is a risk or when there is no need for tightening of the skin.  This is ideal for both acne scars and scars in general.  I have no idea what the charge per pixel means.  Most charge by the area being treated and the amount of time it takes to do the procedure.

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