What can I do for these acne scars? What is my scar type? (photo)

I’ve done subcision, followed by 6 matrixRF treatments. I've seen small changes and noticed my skin looks great the 2 weeks after the Matrix then goes back to normal. I want results bad and am leaning towards Laviv, Fraxel Repair, or fillers. I don’t mind maintaining fillers so long as the scars dramatically improve but I don’t know if that will work on my type of scars. What is my type of scar?How much different is the Matrix from Repair?I liked subcison but told it won't do anything now.Thanks

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Best Treatment for My Acne Scars

Hi LL. If you've already done subcision, let's assume that this treatment type is off the table as they have already treated the scars that were good candidates for this method.

You are not a great candidate for fillers as the scars are too small to be easily filled or lifted with a Hyaluronic acid based filler.

That leaves us with two recommendations - fractional laser resurfacing and traditional dermabrasion. Since there are not that many practices that offer traditional dermabrasion, you may want to consider fractional laser resurfacing.

Try not to get so focused on the type of laser bring used (Fraxel, Matrix, etc.) but rather who is doing the procedure and what kind of results they have produced in the past (before and after photos).

We prefer the Sciton Profractional for fractional laser resurfacing because we can go very deep. The key to revising the type of scars you have is removing the deep hard scar tissue and stimulating the development of much new collagen. This can only be done with a deep resurfacing and we would likely be at a depth of 750-1000 microns on your cheeks. This requires dental blocks, Valium, Vicodin and numbing cream so if your practitioner suggests you only need numbing cream, you are in the WRONG practice as it would be a superficial resurfacing.

Good luck.

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