Identifying Adult Acne Cause?

Dear Doctors, I'm a 23 yrs old man. Since puberty I'm suffering from acne. In my case this are very deep pots under skin (impossible to pick up even if I would try). Dermatologist prescribes me creams, anibiotics etc. - nothing works permanently. What can I do to identify cause of my problem? I'm allergic prone and I get stressed quite easily, is that might be a cause? Thank You for answers.

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Acne causes

Acne vulgaris can hit you at any age and some patients never really grow out of it.  It sounds like you have a more chronic form.  Based on your history it sounds like you have acne vulgaris, although there are other forms of acne (acne rosacea, tropical acne, steroid induced acne, etc.) If you really want permanent results the only treatment option for you is Accutane.  I would strongly recommend this.  It is a 4-6 month treatment course and the results are often amazing and long lasting.  I hope this helps!  Good luck!

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Cause of Adult Acne and Acne Treatment Results

Acne is a very multifaceted condition. It is cause by blockages that often originate from debris within your skin. These are often deeply embedded. Also it is caused by bacterial secretions. And hormonal surges will make the oil glands bigger and more active.

The Spectra laser is able to actually address all these issues within the same session.  It is also safer than oral medications. Based on what you have written, it sounds as if your treatment program did not offer a way to address the oil glands themselves.

The best acne treatment is one that is comprehensive. Here is a video  of a patient who benefitted from the Spectra laser (for existing acne) and the Fraxel Dual for acne scars.


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