I Have Acne Scars on my Both Cheeks. How Can I Get Rid of the Marks? I Am 17 Years Old.

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It is very hard to advice what kind of treatment would benefit you the best without seeing you. In our practice we give our patients all the options you have, starting with laser, Profractional laser with micro laser peel. If you want more lasting results and bigger results we also recommend a mini facelift, stretching out the skin will help with the deep scars.


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Acne Scars

Not having any picures to look at I will have to make a couple of assumptions.  A lot of early acne scarring is red spots of inlammation that occur early on after the acne clears.  This will subside on its own, but can be speeded up using lasers or BBL treatments that treat the red and encourage faster clearing.  If you are to the point where there are pits, dimpled areas and the thin craters of acne scars, we then focus on fractional laser work to begin removing a percentage of the scar tissue to allow for healing and recovery and a return to more normal skin.   Both treatments will require a series of treatments in order to get optimal results.  Check out Profractional FX  and Fraxel to see results.

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