Hyperpigmentation Treatment Specialist Recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a specialist in pigmentation anywhere in the US that may be able to help resolve my PIH ( post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) post Fraxel repair. I am 10 months post laser and hyroquinone is not working. I have been using it for over six months.

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Post laser hyperpigmentation is difficult to treat

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Post Fraxel Repair hyperpigmentation is not that common if appropiate consultation is done prior to the treatment as to avoid sun exposure, and use of bleaching creams

Having said that I have seen a number of patients who have hyperpigmented after Fraxel Repair laser.

These were generally Fitzpatrick type 3 or 4 skin who agree that they did not stay out of sunexposure.

Treatments wise we have been able to help using Hydroquinone and none Hydroquinone based bleaching creams in combination with Retinoic acids as well as light chemical peels.

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