Success of Obagi System for Hyperpigmentation

Obagi was recommended to me to get rid of the post-laser inflammatory hyperpigmentation I have on my cheeks. The thought of dry skin, redness, itch and peeling for weeks is not appealing. Has anyone used Obagi for hyperpigmentation and what is your experience? Successful? It is worth the weeks of side-effects?

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Obagi / Hydroquinone is successful for hyperpigmentation

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The CLEAR in the OBAGI system contains Hydroquinone, a bleaching cream that works quite well on hyperpigmentation. The Obagi system is not cheap and offers other skin benefits (as well as disadvantages). If you wanted a similar system at a cheaper price tag, check out the DERMESSE system.

Alternatively, you can just use Hydroquinone 4% and limit the benefits to clearing the hyperpigmentation correction.

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Obagi and hyperpigmentation

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 One of the main components of the Obagi skin care regimen is hydroquinone which is a skin bleaching agent used to reduce hyperpigmentation.  The other is Retin A.  The system is more complex than that, but these elements are at its core and it might be worth a try for you.

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