How Long Should I Wait Before Considering Lipotherme Revisions?

I had my waist, upper and lower abdomen, and love handles done 6 weeks ago. They were supposed to do my inner thighs but ran out of time. There is a huge area around my belly button that is still big and the rest is small so there are what look like holes on either side of this huge lump the size of a soccer ball in my mid stomach area. Looks like I am three months pregnant. My doctor wanted to do a touch up at 2 months when she does my inner thighs. Now she is saying maybe we should wait until four months has elapsed but I know this section is not going to go down it is clearly not skin it is fat.

What do you think? How soon is a touch up supposed to be done?

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Two months is too soon for a liposuction revision

Time is the best friend of the plastic surgeon--and of the liposuction patient. At 6 weeks, you're definitely still swollen after liposuction (laser-assisted or traditional). I would NOT do a revision at 2 months or even at 4 months. The fact that your doctor "ran out of time" to do your inner thighs and suggested revision so soon after the original surgery makes me wonder about her level of experience with this procedure. If she's not certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you may want to at least consider a second opinion with someone who is.

At any rate, there are things you can do in the meantime: wear your compression garment faithfully; take epsom salt baths a few times a week; see a lymphatic massage therapist for a series of massages. All these things help with the swelling. You'll know when you're "done" healing after liposuction when you no longer have fluctuations in swelling---when you don't have "good days and bad days" of swelling--when you wake up in the morning and have no swelling and are able to go to bed that night with no increase in swelling. THAT'S that time to talk about revisions, and that might be 9-12 months after your original surgery date.

Hang in there.

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