Laser Treatments for Hollow Eyes and Dark Circles?

I have really dark circles under my eyes and have had them as long as I can remember, the darkness seems to get worse when I sleep late but even when Im getting enough sleep they are still their, to make things worse I have hollow under eyes. I know some people say it's not dark circles but just a shadow from the hollows but even my top eyelid is dark and the under eye, their is a clear difference. So are their any lasers that can treat the darkness?I heard fillers can make the darkness worse?

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Treatment of tear troughs

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From the photo it is clear that you have a deficit of soft tissue on top of the bone rim that lies under the eyeball. From an external view we call the visible rim near the nose the Tear Trough and the portion away from the nose the Palpebromalar Groove. The best treatment for this is either fat grafts or injectable fillers to increase the amount of material or tissue between the rim and the outside world. Lasers have no role in this case. What you perceive as darkness is really a shadow created the different surface contour of the area much the way buildings create a shadow on nearby streets due to difference in vertical height.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Great photos

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Laser will not help you.  You need fillers.  Restylane is the best product for this but the treatment must be done artfully.  When done poorly, yes it is possible for the darkness to actually look worse but then this effect can be adjusted with enzyme.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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