Can I Have my Hips Enlarged?

I would like to have my hips, breasts and derrier enlarged. Is that possible?

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Yes, it is possible to enhance your hips, buttocks and breasts with fat grafting.  The fat is harvested from other parts of your body and then injected under the skin of the areas that you want to have enhanced.  Good luck with your procedures.

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Can I have my hips, breasts and butt enlarged with my own fat?

Yes, you can enlarge the hips, butt and breasts with fat transfer however there are many factors involved in successful fat transfer:

1. The collection and preparation techniques used to harvest the fat. Making sure that there is a very high percentage of fat cell viability. The syringe technique is best but is very time consuming. Using the Body Jet Harvesting System is second best and is very efficient.

2. The condition of the recipient site. For instance if the breast or buttock has been previously operated upon, traumatized or irradiated, and there is scar tissue or other damage, then the site may be less likely to accept the fat transfer.

3. The surgical technique used is very important. Multiple tunnels with small cannula's depositing the fat in layers that are crisscrossed and built up. Depositing the fat in the appropriate plane such as the muscle or muscle fascia. These factors will assure graft survival.

4. Also for so many areas that you are requesting a great deal of fat will be required. I would estimate that as much as 2000 cc or more would be needed to enlarge these areas. Body Jet fat transfer system would be best for this.

Joel B. Singer, MD
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VIDEO: Brazilian Butt lift

Yes, this is essentially referred to as the "Brazilian Butt lift: when it is accomplished using your own fat.

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