Can my blemishes be removed?

my skin is packed with blemishes and I worry about it I always have to use a face wash to make sure the dont come back

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it would be better if you can share your photos and age. Your blemishes could be just freckles, melasma, vitamin deficiencies, post inflammatory pigmentation or deeper level pigment deposit. for starters, you can start with a regimen of sunscreen in morning combined with vitamin c preparation in night. You can escalate with other stronger preparation like azeleic, kojic acid, hydroquinone, tretinoin etc under your dermatologist supervision. In resistant cases, peels containing glycolic, retinol etc do help. You may require to visit dermatologist to get your skin condition assesed ( thin/thick skin, dry/ oily skin, level of hydration) and in other cases, ipl and qs nd: yag laser do wonders. remember, prevention and control of blemishes is easier but do not hope to cure your blemishes with one time treatment without any maintenace.

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