Hereditary Hollows

im a 20 year old who has been bothered my whole life with these dark hollows under my eyes i want to do something about it. what is the best procedure? they are really bad i havent seen someone that has under eyes like i do that are around my same age

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You may consider an Injectable Filler treatment to improve the appearance of your lower eyelid grooves.

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I read your concern and reviewed your photos.

The hollow under your eyelids is a typical groove that may be filled. My personal preference is to use Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. You could have Hyaluronic Acid fillers as an accepted alternative, but this injection technique is deeper, and you may get a bluish hue (Tyndall effect) in the injected area.

If you decide to have this performed, make sure your physician is comfortable and experienced in the delicate art of filling lower eyelid hollows.

Regards from NJ.

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This is a very common configuration.

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The hollow you show in the photos is called a mid-cheek groove.  It occurs because of the shape of the under lying cheek bone and the volume of soft tissue overlying the bone.  The best current treatment for this does not involve surgery.  Rather fillers such as Restylane and Perlane are used to fill this hollow.  Treatment can last up to 2 years before a top off is needed.  The service is a bit of an art form so it is necessary to find an accomplished physician or surgery who does a lot of this type of treatment.

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Correcting Hereditary Under the Eye Hollows

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Your condition is VERY common. It is seen almost universally in people over the age of 50 but as early as the 20's in some.

The Tear Trough (hollows) is the indentation below the convexity of the upper lid and the convexity of the cheek. It can be easily corrected by placing Restylane, a reversible, long-lasting hyaluronic-based filler, right over the bony rim of the eye socket which makes up the floor of these hollows. The results are instant.

Good Luck.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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