How can I heal or fix an indented shallow scar on my forehead?

There was a zit on my forehead that then turned into a big swollen lump, like a cyst I guess and I picked at it to later have the layer of skin peel Off and have my skin become indented. The scar is still red and it's been a week since the trauma occurred. The edges appear they are trying to sinch in, but I'm Worried it will Stop where it is and it will Look like this forever? How do I keep the heinv process going and my skin come together or what treatments do u recommend?

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Various options for acne scar treatment

As you indicated it is a result of picking on your active acne cyst leaving you with a depressed acne scar. This can be treated by injecting the scar with one of a variety of fillers available to elevate the depression. See an experienced dermatologist who would provide you with various options. Also for a more permanent treatment you could be treated with an erbium, fraxel, or pixel laser. Good luck!

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