How long after weight loss can I enquire about surgery?

I am in the process of losing a considerable amount of weight, I know all of my skin will sag, I am 58 and really want to look bloody fantastic as I never have. Which would be the best surgery to go for first please?

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How long after weight loss can I enquire about surgery?

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Hello and thank you for your question!
Normally, after a year you would have lost a significant amount of weight that would allow the surgeons to work with. However, it is ideal for a plastic surgeon that you keep your weight stable for at least 3 months. 
In most cases, we start working with the center - Tummy Tuck - which may be a full or incomplete TT, and sometimes this procedure is done with a Breast Lift or Arm Lift. What we suggest, is doing 2 procedures at a time, because of the amount of tissue that is removed and the size of the surgery, in case of massive weight loss, needs to be done by sections.
Please visit a board certified plastic surgeon for further advice and the best and safest results.

Good luck!

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When to do lipo

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Generally after any weight loss surgery you should lose as much weight at possible to get to a normal weight, i.e. near BMI of around 25 or less. Once you have achieved such a weight in a stable fashion for around a year, you may then proceed with body contouring surgery. In your case, since we see no photos, you may be better served by a tummy tuck versus SmartLipo liposuction. Wait until all the weight is off and then make a consultation with a board certified cosmetic surgeon. Good luck.

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