I Got Burned in my Face with Hot Grease, Are The Marks Permanent?

I was frying chicken nuggets at work one day and got burned in my face with hot grease, when I went to flip the nuggets the pot slid off the burner and hit the floor and splashed grease in my face. The burn peeled ths first layee off skin off leave pink spots , after about a week the pink faded away leave dark marks in its place, its now 4 months later and the marks are still dark will they ever go away

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Facial Burn

Given that you are 4 months out and the pigment has not faded, I would consider using a topical bleaching cream to attempt to lighten the area. In addition, be sure to use sunscreen daily and to re-apply every two hours when outdoors. 

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Oil burns to face - will marks disappear?

The face has a very good blood supply and oil splashes to the face are invariably cause superficial (or first degree) burns. The fact that you skin healed within one week would confirm that your burns were superficial.

Superficial burns to the face do darken and can leave marks which take months to settle down and disappear. Rarely the marks might be permanent but this would usually only occur with deeper burns. Marks can vary depending on your genetic make up and in particular on the colour and complexion of your skin.

My wife has an olive/ Mediterranean complexion and when she gets oils splashes to her neck or hands they leave very dark marks that can take over 6 months to disappear. I would anticipate that your marks will also fade with time. it may be worth photographing your face and then taking another photo in 2 months time and I'm sure you will see an improvement.

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Grease burn to face

These can be permanent. You should see a surgeon who treats facial scars to discuss options. I have researched and lectured on facial burn scars. A good option, depending on your baseline skin tone, is to use laser. There are many different options with laser. It depends on the type of scar and the issues leading to demarcation from healthy skin. For instance for hyper-vascularity (redness) and increase show of blood vessels we use lower wavelength lasers around the 585-600 nm range, for skin elevation/bumps you use ablative lasers with either the 2940nm wv (Erb:yag) or the 10,600 nm wv (CO2), for depressions of skin we target dermal cartilage and use the 1550 nm wv (Erb Glass) laser. 

The key is to see someone soon so they can start getting you on a protocol to maximize the scars.

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Burns almost always result in some skin color changes

Even if a burn is not deep enough to leave scarring, it will generally cause some permanent change in skin color. If you are light skinned, it may get lighter; if you have a darker skin color, it may darken further. It is important to avoid sun exposure until the pink coloration is gone from the burn, because it will burn easily. Also, if you get it tanned, it may tan permanently.

If you have established dark areas, 4% hydroquinone cream is a skin bleach that may lighten the dark spots effectively. You can get this prescription medication from most dermatologist's office.


Good luck!


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