Is Fraxel Better Than Profractional Laser for Pitted Scars?

Hi, I'm looking for a treatment to help some indented scarring on my cheeks. The scars are not that deep. They are crater type scars, and are a little bit hyperpigmented. Which treatment would be better for a person of type 5 skin, profractional or fraxel? I read profractional is safer on darker skin, but I'm not reading many successful reviews regarding scars following the treatments. Fraxel seems to have better reviews from people but I'm don't know what to choose because of my skin type.

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The options you have for your acne scars are Laser treatment, as Profractional laser or even a mini face lift to stretch out the skin and get rid of the scars. Fillers are not long lasting results. You should look into laser. Good luck


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Fraxel vs Profractional

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I have used both technologies and have switched my allegiance to the Profractional system for several reasons:  You can drill energy deeper into the tissue, it is a faster and more reproducible technique and gives results more quickly and with fewer treatments.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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