Can Fractional Laser Show 100 Percent Improvement on Acne Scars? Is This Permanent?

I have 3 box scars on my left cheek. they are very close to each other and it looks like a dip over that area.Can these scars be removed and can i get 100 percent fuller cheeks with fraxel or any other treatment ?? I am of indian origin 20 years male and and have type 4 skin on face(severe tan after years of sun exposure ) my body colour is of type 2. please suggest treatments and their EFFECTIVENESS for regaining my complexion and smooth fuller cheeks with out any scars and dips?

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Box car scars on the face

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Box car scars can be improved, but not eliminated with percutaneous scar release techniques that are employed in acne surgery.  Laser will also help.

Fraxel Dual (re:store) laser is great for acne scars but don't expect 100% improvement

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The Fraxel 1550 laser, which is one of the two wavelengths in the Fraxel Dual Laser, is pretty much the gold standard for improving acne scars.  There are multiple papers and a long history of it's efficacy in the literature.  You can expect about 25-50% improvement in the scars.  NO treatment will eradicate the scars 100%.  The more treatments you do, the better results you will have.  I tell my patients it can take up to 10 treatments or more.  You will initially have some swelling that gives the appearance of improvement which is not real. Your true results are present about 3 months out.  The laser can be used on all skin types. It's important to know that the Fraxel 1550 probably has the most experience than any other laser for this problem.  Many doctors believe that an ablative laser, CO2 or Erbium might get better results, but there is more downtime, more discomfort, and more risk with these lasers, and you will still need several treatments, albeit, less than the nonablative Fraxel.  Hyperpigmentation can occur, but is almost always temporary, and can be treated with hydroquinones.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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