What Are My Options For A Forehead Dent That I've Had For Years? (photo)

I have a dent on my forehead which I got from an injury when I was a kid. Now I am 28 years old and I can't show my forehead due to this scar. The dent looks like it has an impression on my forehead bone aswell.

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Subcision is a effective method to lift a depressed or indented scar. Occasionally, a filler substance may be injected at the same time as the subcision procedure. Artefil is the preferred filler for scars.

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Forehead Scar

Facial scars are most noticeable for a few reasons: 1) color and 2) texture and 3) depth.  Scars never fully go away technically, but they can be improved in appearance so that they are less or  unnoticeable.  If the color is different, that attracts attention.  If the scar is raised (like a keloid) or depressed, that again attracts attention.  The least noticeable scars are the ones that are pencil thin and light or skin color.  There are also special creams that are used to improve any facial scars that are only available through a specialist. 

From the photo you posted, your scar is noticeable because it is wide, depressed, and slightly different in color from the surrounding skin.  It appears that revising this scar would be a great option to minimize the visibility of this.  Please consult with a board certified specialist in the face to help you achieve the results you desire.

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