Should I Go for IPL or Chemical Peeling? (photo)

I never had any pimples until recently i have terrible ones on my cheeks. SOme still active and some do leave scars. I have two options. I am thinking of either IPL or chemical peelings. Not sure which is better for my skin. Before that i went for a treatment and the doctor did skin needling for me. It became worse. My pores are block and i can feel that it was infected. I immediately stop consulting the doctor but still under antibiotics. I am seeking for second opinion. Please advice

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Chemical peel may help, but seek a Dermatologist to manage your care

From your photos it looks like your acne is not under control.  If you are wanting to decrease the scarring and hyperpigmentation, a chemical peel can be a very effective treatment; however, your acne needs to be under control first or you will continue to get this pigmentation even after a peel.  While IPL can help with pigmentation, you need to use caution while using antibiotics at same time as some increase photosensitvity.    There is another treatment "blue light" that can be used in combination with an acid to help kill bacteria that may be causing your breakouts.  Isolaze is another treatment option.  There are potentially several different causes for your breakouts.  I would encourage you to be under the care of a dermatologist.  If you prefer not to use your previous doctor, please establish with another one.  You will most likely need prescriptions to help get your acne under control as well as treat the pigmentation and scarring.  Depending how long you have been on your current antibiotics, you may need to change antibiotics.  Retinoids may also be helpful.  There are a lot of treatment options-too many to mention.  I hope you find a doctor who can help you and manage your care.  Good luck.

Rogers Dermatologic Surgeon
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Severe acne and scars may require Accutane

If you have severe acne scarring and acne you may first need to be treated with Accutane.  Once your acne is under control you can look into Fraxel lasers or peels to help with these scars.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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