I Have Several Flat White Scars on my Chest and 2 on my Kneck. Will Excision Work?

I have several flat white scars on my chest (about 6) and 2 on my kneck. They are mostly between 1 and 2 cm wide and either circular or oval in shape. These scars are really effecting the way I live my life and are even starting to effect my relationship with my boyfriend. I am wondering what the best treatment option would be. Is it possible to have so many scars in the same area excised? They are quite spread out on my chest. Also what kind of costs I am looking at roughly?

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Flat white scars are best treated with laser

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While cutting the scars out is an option, it will leave a linear scar that, on the chest, can sometimes thicken and become a keloid.  If they are truly flat, my recommendation is that you should consider having a consult for a fractional laser resurfacing.  Fractional resurfacing will help the scars blend in with the normal skin around it.  Furthermore, there have been some small studies that demonstrated the use of Latisse following a fractional laser therapy to help return the color back to the scar.  These are all considerations with no guarantees, but I feel is more predictable and safer than excision.

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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