Best Treatment for my Acne Scars?

What's the best treatment for my acne scars? The scars become flat and unnoticeable when I stretch the skin of my cheek but if don't, the small scars and uneven surface become very visible.

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Acne scars respond very well to fractional LASER treatments.

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If the scars improve on stretching, it indicates a  possible better response to treatment. There are many options for scar removal - from dermaroller to subcision to lasers. In your case, a fractional laser (either CO2 / Erbium YAG) could be an option for quicker, better results. But finally, each scar is different and the results depend on the nature and depth of the scars, and on your doctor's expertise in treating them.
Good luck!

Many options for acne scarring

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A great deal depends on how bad the scars are, how many you have and how "good" you want them to look. In general, skin fillers can give immediate improvement. If you like the result, you can have your own fat instilled which may give a more lasting result but often requires repeated treatment. Then you can tighten the skin with chemical peels or laser treatments. To this later modality, you can have the depth of the scar undermined and fat injected beneath the scar to plump up the skin as well as tighten.

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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