What Can Be Done to Fix an Indentation Scar on Nose?

Had a small lump removed from my nose. It healed with a deep hole in the middle that looks like a large pore but isn't. Around it the skin is indented where it was zapped. In the sun it looks like a white indention with a small hole in the middle. It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't on the tip of my nose. I've read either fraxel or dermabrasion would help, which would be better? It's been over 6 mo'. I've seen a PS who told me to just leave it alone. I'm tired of trying to cover it. Please Help.

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Treatment for scar on nose

Depending on the placement and size of the scar will determine the best treatment.  I would advise you go to a plastic surgeon and dermatologist to have a couple opinions of which way to proceed.  Sometimes the treatment can be as easy as a fractionated laser treatment (or 2), or filler in the depressed area.  Other times, the better option may be surgical scar revision, or dermabrasion to soften the edges and look of the scar.  These latter options have longer healing and downtime but may be a better solution.  You can also look into dermarolling, which used tiny needles to wake up your collagen.  Your skin type will also play a role in which treatment is best for you so I would encourage you to do your own research but definitely seek a professional's opinion (or 2) before you go forth.  Best of luck!

Aurora Plastic Surgeon
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Depressed scars are challenging but treatable.

This is obviously causing you quite a bit of distress.  Unfortunately it's very difficult to make recommendations without a photograph or being able to examine you. 

I'm not sure if Fraxel or dermabrasion would be beneficial.  These are usually reserved for raised scars.  Depressed scars are a real challenge to fix.  There are a few options available to you.  Have you considered a filler such as Juvederm or Restylane?  These can sometimes help with depressed scars.

Depending on how much down time is available to you, having the scar formally revised is always an option.  BUT, this could take up to a year to look its best, and you'd be trading a depressed scar for a finer scar that you'd hope heals more inconspicuously.

I'd suggest you meet with an experienced specialist who cares for patients with scars (Dermatologist, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon).  They can thoroughly examine you, propose the possible options, and work with you to improve your scar.

All the best.

Michael G. Brandt, MD
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Treatments for depressed scar on the nose

I would recommend a consultation with a board certified dermatologic surgeon or a plastic surgeon with training and experience in refining facial scars.  It is possible that a small injection of a hyaluronic acid filler might correct the deformity sufficiently.

Emily Altman, MD
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Depressed nasal scar

Hi Sharon. Without seeing a photo of your scar, it is difficult to comment specifically on your case. I would not expect a substantial improvement from treatment with Fraxel. Contour irregularities can be especially noticeable on the nasal tip due to its gentle curvature and the potential disruption of reflected light (highlights) which contribute to the appearance of a refined nasal tip. Depressed scars can be especially challenging. For a depressed scar, trial of a hyaluronic acid filler (such as Restylane or Juvederm) may be considered. That would not be a permanent solution since those fillers persist only temporarily (months) before being broken down. However, such treatment could demonstrate whether or not subdermal volume replacement provides the degree of improvement that you find satisfactory. If you were satisfied with that treatment, your surgeon could discuss similar permanent options with you. I would suggest that you see another surgeon for a second opinion. If you find the appearance of your scar unsatisfactory, express that to your doctor. Good luck.

James M. Pearson, MD
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