How to Fix Drastically Uneven Skin Tone on Face?

I am an african american female. The top half of my face is light and the bottom half is dark. My skin on my face is darker than my body as well. The skin on my body is a caramel color, from the neck down. The top half of my face pretty much matches the skin on my body from the neck down maybe just a touch darker. The bottom half of my face is a cocoa color.

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Treat uneven skin tone

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whoever considers treating your skin should discuss, at length, that there are no guarantees and that anything used to lighten the darker skin of the lower face, might cause the reverse effect by creating irritation, whether it's a cream, chemical peel, laser or combination of treatments. A dermatologist may be able to tell with a special lamp, whether the pigment is deep or superficial. If it is a recent change in your skin, and may be related to hormones or an exterior effect, there might be a lightening cream such as prescription tretinoin, hydroquinone or Lumixyl and many others that might lighten the darker skin color to some degree.

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