The Fat on my Face Seems to Have Prematurely Dissappeared! What Can I Do?

26, male, Chinese ethnically, from Hawaii (high humidity!) I've gotten comments on how I look older than I am since I was 22. Then I went to South Korea for work. I'm not sure what happened, because I ate a lot of vegetables, but I took accutane and the winter air there is terrible. May have accelerated the fat loss. So, I look older than I am. Under bad lighting (see picture), I think I might look 40 years old. May be a genetic component. What can I do?

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You would do well with sculptra

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I agree with Dr. George and think that the best thing for you would be sculptra. This will give you back the volume that you have lost and will last for much more time than most other fillers. If you do not want to go through the "process" as it takes time and want a quick "procedure", I would use Radiesse or Restylane as they will do the job too.  

Birmingham Dermatologist
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Premature fat loss

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It is hard to know what caused the accelerated aging in your face, but it is frequently muti-factorial and many of my patients think that it happened overnight.  Based on the pictures above I think you would be an ideal candidate for a collagen stimulator like Sculptra. This product is FDA approved for results up to 25 months and I think gives a really natural correction. I have had especially good results in men with this product. The down side is the results are not immediate and it requires multiple treatment sessions.  If you wanted something immediate you could use more traditional fillers like restylane, juvederm, or radiesse to get great results as well.  Any injectable filler procedure carries the risk if temporary bruising and swelling so plan accordingly. 

Rosalyn George, MD
Wilmington Dermatologic Surgeon
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