Facial Aging at 31? (photo)

Horizontal lines are beginning to appear on my forehead, faint but there. My under-eye area, which was prone to looking "tired" even when I was a teenager, has gotten puffier. Worst, the little "parentheses" lines around my mouth seem to have become permanent, and there is starting to be a groove from my nose into that area. It puts 10 years on me and happened in one! I use sunscreen every day, and have since 25. I was a light, social smoker, but quit. I was never a sunbather. What can I do?

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Addressing Facial Aging With Botox, Dysport or Radiesse

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Horizontal forehead wrinkles are often caused by muscle contractions in that area.  Botox or Dysport can be used to relax these muscles.


Without seeing a picture of the area beneath your eyes, I wouldn’t be able to really recommend a reliable treatment.

However you can still learn about different options to consider.


For example, Radiesse can be used to help rejuvenate the appearance under your eyes. It is rather unique and versatile.

Rather than just adding volume, it can also correct structures. It can offer some help for nasolabial folds which form from loss of volume.  

Here is a video of a patient who had Botox injected into upper facial areas, including the forehead. 

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Aging Changes at 31

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Based on empiric knowledge and the picture provided, I would be inclined to recommend good skin care, sun protection, adequate hydration, and sleep.  There aren't significant enough changes to suggest fillers in the setting of a youthful face and full lips.  Botox , Dyspport, or Xeomin could be entertained for the forehead lines.

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