Under Eye Bags and Puffiness? (photo)

I was wondering how to treat this condition? I'm 27 and have horrible discolored bags under my eyes, combined with under eye puffiness. It looks like someone punched me in both eyes. It is not discolored on the outside, but rather the skin is very thin and you can see what looks like bruising underneath, wrapping from the interior of my eyes (near bridge of nose) down to my upper cheekbones, and around to the sides. There are also heavy bags. Recommended treatment?

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Chin down, eyes up will make those circles look as bad as possible.  You are a perfect example that not all lower eyelid bumps are from herniate fat.  Put your finger on the top of the fullness.  The hard thing you are feeling is your bony orbital rim.  We don't operate on that (some surgeons mistakenly assess this as herniated orbital fat and surgery is very disappointing). You best treatment options is to have this area filled with Restylane.  However, just and not all tattoo artists are created equal, not all injectors are created equal.  Your big job is finding the right injector to sculpt your lower eyelids with Restylane.  It will take 10 years off your face. 

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