Surgery to reduce the size of the back of my head? (photo)

Is there a relatively non-risk surgical procedure that can reduce the size of the back of my head? I realise that this question may be attributed to psychological issues and not simply to physical ones, but I truly believe that this aspect of my head-size is not natural, and that there may be an underlying cause.

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Back of Head Reduction

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The size of the back of the head can be safely reduced by bone burring to reduce the convexity of the occipital projection.

Reducing your head

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No. There is no surgical procedure for this. Your head looks perfectly normal in your picture. I think you are on track with the psychological issues and would recommend that you explore why you don't like the back of your head. This is a bit unusual as you can't see the back of your head without photography or some fairly extensive use of mirrors. You may have a bit of body dissatisfaction. 

Tracy E. McCall, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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