Long scars

Hellow... doctors i had tummy tuck,breast augmentation,Arm lift & thigh lift been a month now.. after a massive weight loss..Now i have alots of scary scars what should i use to remove ther scars now am only using mederma cream any idea about this please..

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Scars are normal but will improve

Your scars will improve over time, I recommend silicone sheets on the incisions and gentle massaging the incisions morning and evening.

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Long Scars

Thick scars can develop after any surgical procedures. The length of the scar can not be manipulated. There are many products available to modify and improve scars. These products should be started with 10-14 days after surgery and continued for a minimum of 6 months.  I recommend constant taping of the scar, this will help flatten and lighten the scar. Silicone gel or silicone sheets are also very helpful to improve scars.

Steven H. Wiener, MD
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Long scars

As scars mature over months to a year, the quality of the scar usually improves.  Mederma is reasonable.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Worried about scars.

Thanks for your question. Please consider Embrace scar prevention. It has better clinical data than Mederma. Embrace is to be used 14 to 21 days after the procedure so it may not be possible to get it in time, but even a small improvement might be worth while. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Scars after body contouring

Hi, Cute Princess, and thank you for the question.  The first thing that you should know is that your incisions are very immature, and their appearance with evolve and mature over a year of more.  Your incision and scar care should be guided by your surgeon, but there are a number of things that may help the process of scar maturation.  Topical scars aids may help the quality of the scar, and most surgeons prefer silicone based agents, as there is the most clinical literature supporting its use.  Compression and massage of the scars can help.  Sun protection is essential.  As the scar matures, depending on the appearance of the incisions, your physician may consider injections (kenalog, 5-FU), steroid strips, light therapies, or even laser resurfacing.  Follow up regularly with your physician to optimize your results, and best of luck for an easy recovery.

Larry Lickstein, MD
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