Combo skin type/An Arab, beside laser treatments is there any surgery procedure I can do for my face to improve my scars.(photo)

I am 36 year old I suffer from acne scars for years, and my question as you see from the photos, beside laser treatments is there any surgery procedure I can do for my face to improve my scars. I went to several doctors to consult about doing dermabrasion and no one recommended, fearing pigmentation because of my skin color. I will list down the treatments I did: E matrix peeling derma roller fractional co2 but didn't do a lot of sessions PRP

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Acne scars

Thanks for your question and am sorry to hear that you have not had success. You may want to try the PicoSure laser. It is FDA-approved and is gentle on your skin, with minimal discomfort or downtime after treatments. PicoSure works by sending ultra-short pulses of laser energy into the outer and inner skin layers. This helps dermatologist to effectively treat the outer skin, while the laser also stimulates collagen and elastin production within the inner skin layers. Collagen and elastin help your skin to look healthy, plump, and youthful.  Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Kat

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Arab skin tight with acne scarring I speak and boxcar scarring. ​What treatment is good in general darker skin types

Darker skin types have more risks because laser resurfacing can cause changes in pigmentation especially the most dreadful hypopigmentation. I would recommend going to someone that has experience treating darker skin types. This is possible and your skin pigment will come back but there's always a risk. You always have to assess the risk of whether it's worth taking in order to improve your scars. What I can say is that you will need surface treatment be it deep chemical peeling with trichloroacetic acid or special use of the CO2 laser or other resurfacing laser in a unique way to try to get your ice pick scars to raise up to the level of the rest of your skin. You may need treatment of the deeper layers and that could just improve your skin in general.

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Dark skin type with acne scars - Use Infini

The Infini is very safe for your skin type. It is the most effective treatment I have used, even better than lasers. Combining with PRP should give even better results. Deeper scars might require filling with Bellafill. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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