Upper Lip Scar (Age 31, Male)

Drs. I am 31. I am male. I have a kind of scar on my upper lip or something similar. Seems that does not exist part of the lip in these areas or lines. The color of this lines are red. I so sad for this. And i hope you can help me. I am unhappy and sad. This put my energy down. Please tell me that exist a treatment to fade this red lines. I have had cold sore on my lip more than once. View the photos Please. I am will waiting for your answer. i Hope you can help my life. Bye Dr. Thanks

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Fixing upper lip scars that look obvious and raised

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Upper lip mucosal scars can be revised with excision and reclosure of the mucosa.  These scars may improve dramatically with the procedure. 

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment of vascular lines

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The photo is not very clear; however, the treatment of red or vacular lines on the lip is with pulsed dye laser treatments.

Cheryl M. Burgess, MD, FAAD
Washington DC Dermatologic Surgeon

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