I Have DPN, if These Are Removed Will Keloids Exist Also Will Skin Area Become Lighter?

does removel of dpn on african americans cause keloids and will that area appear lightened

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Removal of DPN (dermatosis papulos nigra) generally low risk

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Perhaps the most popular way to remove dermatosis papulosa nigra is to use electrocautery or to snip the lesions off if they are raised.  If proper techique is used, this should be a low risk procedure, however, there is alway a risk of burn, scar and discoloration.  The discoloration is usually darker and most of the time resolves on it's own without treatment.  Bleaching cream can be used.  Lightening of the skin as a result of treating DPNs is less common but can occur.  As these lesions are superficial and usually on the face, the risk of keloid formation is low, however, not zero.  This procedure should be done by a licensed health professional, not at a spa.

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