Do Doctors Do Surgery for a Voluntary Mastectomy?

I asked a question before about it but i keep getting answers for a lift or reduction. I want them completely gone, i am very sure about this. Transgender people get it done all the time, however i am not trans. I was wonder if any doctor would still to this, i want the same kind of look that a transgender person would get. i would like any information about this kind of surgery, have any of you doctors done one before?

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Total Mastectomy In a Female

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You are quite correct, total mastectomy is one of the procedures done for female to male transgender patients. Is also done in males with gynecomastia when the breast tissue is essentially that of a female breast. When done in other females, it is almost always done for someone with a significant risk of cancer development and is accompanied by breast reconstruction (replacement of the excised breast tissue). Perhaps the reason you have gotten no direct answers before to your question is that most surgeons would not believe anyone wishes to do this because of the resultant scars and possible complications entailed. Many would be willing to accommodate your wishes, but almost all, I believe, would require a psychologic evaluation first. Perhaps, your best course of action would be to see a psychiatrist and discussed your desires and reasons for wanting your breasts off with them. If they believe your desires are rational, you could then have a statement from them to take to a plastic surgeon.

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The requested surgery bilateral total mastectomy can be done from the technical point of view. However the surgeon needs to know why, and if you are a candidate for the surgery.

The surgery is extensive with scars on the chest, potential physical and psychological risk, you need to discuss all that with your surgeon.

Samir shureih MD.FACS

Samir Shureih, MD
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Voluntary Mastectomy

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In my chest transition work with transgender patients, I have encountered women, who, while not transgender, feel extremely uncomfortable with their breasts. When I work with these women, I am careful to explore their concerns and expectations. I encourage them to engage in some therapy to address their discomfort, and when all are in agreement, I am willing to perform chest flattening surgery. The technique will ultimately depend on the patient's wishes, ranging from significant breast reduction to chest transition.

Karen Vaniver, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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